OnePlus 9T Release Date and Leaked Features

OnePlus 9T Release Date and Leaked Features

StatusUpcoming (Unconfirmed)
Expected PriceRs. 44999
Expected Launch Date26th August 2021
Updated On14th June 2021

We don’t know much about it yet, but there are a few things we can guess about, such as the estimated release date.All of it can be seen below, and we’ve also included a list of the features we most desire from the OnePlus 9T lower down.

There’s no word on when the OnePlus 9T will be released, but it’ll almost certainly be around September or October, since T versions have typically been released in those months in prior years.

News rumors and news

For the time being, this hub will include both the OnePlus 9T and the potential OnePlus 9T Pro, however as previously said, we have no idea whether a Pro variant will be released.

According to a Weibo leak, the OnePlus 9T Pro will not be released in 2021, and it also revealed the screen technology that would be used in the next phone. It’ll feature a 120Hz LTPO panel with a Full HD+ resolution, according to the specs.

If Qualcomm releases a Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset earlier this year, we can anticipate it to be utilized; otherwise, we may expect the Snapdragon 888 to be used like the OnePlus 9 series. Changes to the camera, screen, and battery are also anticipated, but exactly what will be changed remains to be seen — however the camera is certain to gain even more from OnePlus’s ongoing relationship with Hasselblad.

Finally, OnePlus has stated that it would continue to merge its operations with Oppo, a Chinese smartphone producer. That may entail some modifications to the OnePlus recipe, such as a switch to ColorOS software instead of OxygenOS.

For the time being, this is just speculation, but we may hear more from OnePlus in the coming months.


Telephoto Lens range

The OnePlus 9 lacks a telephoto camera, and even the OnePlus 9 Pro’s max out at 3.3x optical zoom, which isn’t bad but falls well short of the Samsung S21 Ultra’s 10x optical zoom or the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s 5x optical zoom.

So, for the OnePlus 9T lineup, we want all versions to include a telephoto camera with at least 5x optical zoom.


While we’re on the matter of cameras, a specialized macro lens for the OnePlus 9T would be fantastic. To be fair, the ultra-wide snapper on the OnePlus 9 series can already take decent macro pictures, but phones like the Xiaomi Mi 11 and Oppo Find X3 Pro are starting to have truly superb, dedicated macro lenses, and we’d like to see OnePlus join that club.

The company’s collaboration with Hasselblad shows it’s serious about improving its camera game, so these requests aren’t out of the realm of possibility.


One modification that should be simple is adding a larger battery to the phone, since the one in the OnePlus 9 series isn’t very large at 4,500mAh, but we hope OnePlus builds on the 9T’s lifespan in some manner.

MicroSD card 

The OnePlus 9 comes with a respectable amount of storage, with options of 128GB or 256GB, however there is no microSD card port.

This isn’t a high-end feature — in fact, like headphone ports, it’s more common on high-end phones than on low-end phones – so we’d love to see it return for the OnePlus 9T. If it doesn’t work, we’ll settle for extra storage being put in, but only if it doesn’t raise the price too much.

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