Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23: A Glimpse of the Future

With its most recent flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung is ready to once again wow us in the rapidly changing world of smartphones. As we explore everything this powerful device has to offer, get ready to enter a world of cutting-edge technology, beautiful design, and novel functions.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 –  Rs. 127,999

Overview of Samsung Galaxy S23

A Visual Marvel for Every Occasion is on Display

Samsung Galaxy S23 Display
Samsung Galaxy S23 Display

You can expect a very immersive experience whether you’re streaming or gaming with Samsung Galaxy S23. No matter the lighting circumstances, you can rely on great color and brightness thanks to its adaptable visibility.

You can say goodbye to stuttering and hello to flawless scrolling with a silky-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, improving your overall visual experience. 

Additionally, the Eye Comfort Shield has got your back for those late-night binge-watching sessions or gaming marathons, ensuring that your eyes remain rested and alert even in the darkest settings.

Your personal wellness journey begins with Samsung Health

Samsung Health in Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Health in Samsung Galaxy S23

With Samsung Health in Samsung Galaxy S23, explore a wellness world that is customized to your tastes. The first step on your path to greater health and well-being is to connect your Galaxy Watch5 to your phone without any issues.

You can effortlessly monitor and manage a number of aspects of your health with the help of the Samsung Health app

Track your workouts, keep an eye on your sleep patterns, learn more about your body’s composition, and much more. It’s all about giving you the power to decide for yourself what’s best for your health and well-being.

A Commitment to Planet Earth Materials

Samsung Galaxy S23’s design philosophy is centered on a commitment to sustainability and the environment. Their dedication to a greener future is reflected in every facet of our product.

Every phone is packaged in a box painstakingly made from recycled materials, ensuring that every aspect of your interaction with Samsung Galaxy S23 is in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Amazing battery life

Samsung Galaxy S23's lasting battery life
Samsung Galaxy S23’s lasting battery life

With the assurance of prolonged gameplay, get ready to set out on spectacular gaming adventures. Your best gaming ally is our long-lasting battery, which has a capacity ranging from 3900 to 5000 MAh.

Get ready for continuous gaming sessions that keep you in the zone and bid farewell to the annoyance of needing to recharge all the time. When the situation calls for it, the quick-charging technology makes sure you’re back in action right away, prepared to take on new levels and challenges.

Welcome to Samsung Wallet, your entry point to the digital revolution.

With Samsung Galaxy S23’s Samsung Wallet, say hello to the future as Samsung Pay evolves into an entirely new digital experience. Get ready to go out on a voyage of ease, empowerment, and seamless living—all from the comfort of your hand.

Your smartphone becomes the heart of your digital life thanks to Samsung Wallet. Store all of your credit cards, digital keys, cryptocurrency wallets, and other items securely in one location. It’s not just about paying; it’s about being able to move confidently and easily in the digital world.

Streamlining Multitasking for Maximum Efficiency

Multi Control enters the scene to make multitasking simpler than ever in a world where creativity is unrestricted and productivity rules supreme. 

Imagine this: With your creative juices flowing and you in the zone, syncing your phone and computer will give you an amazing 2-for-1 experience.

There will be an end to tiresome device swapping and juggling. You may easily drag and drop items, copy information, and concurrently type on your PC and phone with Multi Control. 

Now that you have access to your most productive screen time, you may unleash your creativity without being disturbed.

Power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform

Smooth gaming with Samsung Galaxy S23
Smooth gaming with Samsung Galaxy S23

There is never a good time to hit pause while playing a game. The fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform can help with that by enhancing your gaming experience and giving you the endurance to keep playing.

With an amazing battery life that keeps you playing, you can now immerse yourself in your gaming experiences for longer periods of time. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is the ideal gaming companion, providing unparalleled performance to let you win without giving anything up.

Lighting up the Night with Nightography

Photography with Samsung Galaxy S23
Photography with Samsung Galaxy S23

Get ready to be mesmerized by a compelling portfolio full of breathtaking nighttime photos that will astound everyone. The art of nighttime photography has advanced thanks to Nightography‘s state-of-the-art AI technology, which makes sure that even in the darkest settings, your pictures and videos are vibrant and full of color from twilight till dawn. 

Prepare to enjoy nighttime enchantment and let Nightography transform your nocturnal explorations! 


Display 2340 x 1080 (Flat FHD+)

Peak Brightness

Adaptive Refresh Rate


Size 146.3 x 70.9 x 7.6
Storage 128GB


Camera 12.0MP


Optical Zoom at 3x, Digital Zoom up to 30x

Battery 3900(Up to 22 hours of video playback)
Processor Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2
Durability Water resistance – IP68


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When was the Samsung Galaxy S23 released in Nepal?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 was released in Nepal in February 2024.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy S23 cost in Nepal?

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 in Nepal is around NPR 127,999.

What are the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S23?

The key features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 include: A powerful Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy A 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate A triple-lens rear camera system with a 108MP main sensor A 40MP front-facing camera A long-lasting 5000mAh battery Support for 25W fast charging

Where can I buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 in Nepal?

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will be available for purchase from authorized Samsung retailers in Nepal.

Is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S23?

Yes, if you have a Galaxy S10 it's worth upgrading to the Galaxy S23. You'll get 5G support, access to new versions of Android, longer battery life, a faster new processor, and a much-improved camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 a big phone?

The Galaxy S23, which measures 5.8 by 2.8 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.9 ounces.

How is S23 better than S22?

With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 chipset on the S23, you can now unlock higher frame rates and enjoy sharper, more vivid graphics. Along with the boosted 3,900mAh battery, there's a new and improved cooling system in place which is two times larger than that found on the Galaxy S22.


The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a fantastic smartphone all around with lots to offer. It is strong, has a gorgeous display, and produces excellent pictures. It might not be the greatest choice for everyone because it is also fairly pricey.

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