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Apple Launches MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple Launches MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple has announced a new MagSafe Battery Pack, which functions as an authorized power bank for iPhone 12 models. The attachment, which is now available for purchase on Apple’s website, appears to validate a long-held speculation that the iPhone 12 would support reverse wireless charging.

Rumors surfaced in 2019 that the iPhone 11 might include this capability, allowing users to charge AirPods or the Apple Watch using only the iPhone. iFixit discovered a new board that could be related to reverse wireless charging, despite Apple never announcing it. Following the iPhone 12 launch, FCC documents revealed that the current generation iPhone does indeed allow reverse wireless charging, but Apple made no mention of it, leading us to conclude that the functionality had been postponed for another year.


Battery pack

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is based on the new MagSafe technology, which was first launched with the iPhone 12 last year. It combines magnets and NFC technology to allow users to not only perfectly connect accessories to the back of the iPhone, but also to charge the device quickly via inductive charging.


Magsafe Charger

If you connect your MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone and then put it into a power source, you can charge both. 

Reverse wireless charging, for those unaware, is a technique that allows users to use a wireless charger to not only charge their phone, but also to charge accessories or even other devices by putting it on the back of the phone. Apple doesn’t directly state that the MagSafe Battery Pack and the iPhone 12 use reverse wireless charging technology, but it’s clearly implied when Apple says that you can plug the Lightning cord into the iPhone and it will deliver power to the external battery via the MagSafe.


15W Magsafe Charger

To charge at 15W (or 12W on the iPhone 12 mini), you’ll need Apple’s 20W power adapter or another 20W+ PD 3.0 charger. The MagSafe Charger cannot attain the full 15 watts when used with Apple’s previous-generation 18W iPad charger and a 96W MacBook Pro charger, according to testing. 

The same may be said for numerous third-party power adapters, which lack the necessary charging profile. Third-party chargers may add support for the MagSafe Charger, and testing suggests that a MagSafe Charger must support Power Delivery 3.0 at 9V/2.22A or 9V/2.56A to enable the 15W charging speed, according to Apple. With a 9V/2.03A power adaptor, the iPhone 12 mini can charge at maximum speeds.

With Apple’s $19 20W power adaptor (which also comes with the 2020 iPad Air models), you’re assured 15W, but you might be able to use a third-party charger if it fulfills those standards.


Apple warns that while using the MagSafe Charger, it may leave an imprint on the Leather Cases meant for the iPhone 12 models, which is something to keep in mind. According to MacRumors readers, it can leave a mark on Silicone cases, and it’s probable that third-party cases made of soft materials would be affected as well. Apple suggests using Silicone or Clear cases instead of Leather cases if you’re concerned about the ring that MagSafe can cause.

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