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Earning ‘G-Cash’ allows you to shop for free at Gyapu starting today.

Gyapu, a Nepalese e-commerce online platform, has created a fantastic deal for everyone called “Share & Earn“. This is simple: go to and browse different things that interest you and your friends. You can share the link to a product that you think your friends would view or buy, and once they do, the reward will be in your wallet. It’s entirely up to you if you’re seriously interested in making money.

Gyapu, a Nepali online shopping platform, just announced ‘G-Cash,’ which allows users to shop for free starting on Sunday.

Customers can acquire infinite G-Cash and buy the same things for free under Gaap Mobile’s app’s ‘Referral and Earn‘ offer, according to Gyanendra Khadka, founder and CEO of Gyapu Marketplace.


GYAPU is the most exciting online shopping platform, founded by Nepali entrepreneurs with the goal of growing the e-commerce industry in Nepal and Southeast Asia. GYAPU’s main goal is to establish the Nepali Global Brand and promote indigenous Nepali products in Nepal and around the world.

GYAPU promises to break up middleman monopolies and existing e-commerce industry tendencies. GYAPU aspires to improve the local business community and Nepal’s broader economy while also creating job opportunities across the country.


  • Customers can earn G-Cash by referring Gyapu to their friends. Customers who accept the recommendation can also get a discount on their first purchase and other benefits by sharing the Gyapu app link with others, according to Khadka.
  • Customers who have registered for the Gyapu app will be able to take advantage of this promotion. To do so, you must first download the Gyapu app and register your name.
  • Customers can earn G-Cash by referring Gyapu to their friends once their account has been validated via email or mobile number. G-Cash is a cash incentive program offered by Gyapu to its consumers that can only be used to buy Gyapu products.
  • The consumer can deposit Rs. 100 after installing the Gyapu app. If you can obtain Rs. 50 in G-Cash, you will get an additional Rs. 50 after validating your phone, and each consumer will be able to download the Gyapu mobile app for Rs. You’ll get 100 bonus points.
  • Similarly, the customer pays an additional Rs.20  for each referral, there will be Rs50 of them. The more referrals you make, the more G-Cash you’ll earn. The Gyapu Referral Link can be shared via social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Viber.
  • Only after downloading the Gyapu app and authenticating their cell and email account will the referring buddy be validated. It announced the ‘Refer and Earn’ promotion for its clients on the occasion of its app being downloaded a million times.


Customer cancellations:

  • A customer can cancel his or her order only within the one-hour duration of the order and will only receive a refund if he or she does so within that time frame.
  • There will be no refunds for cancellations made after the one-hour period has passed.

Even after the one-hour order time has expired, if an order is canceled by the company owing to stock shortages or product flaws, the customer is entitled to a reimbursement.

The pricing range is described in the figure below, along with the relevant redeemable amount:

100000- above1500


  • If a consumer orders Rs. 2000, he or she will be able to pay with Rs. 100 G-cash.The customer’s ultimate payment amount would now be Rs.1900.
  • In this case, if a Rs. 500 order is canceled due to the customer’s or the company’s inconvenience, the customer’s paying price is now Rs. 1500.
  • Customers will now be limited to using Rs. 50 G-Cash for purchases between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1999. The customer’s final payment price will be Rs. 1500 minus Rs.50, which is Rs.1450.
  • The remaining G-Cash in the customer’s Gyapu G-cash wallet, which is Rs. 100 minus Rs. 50, will be returned.
  • The customer will receive a cash refund of Rs. 450.


  1. When a person buys something at GYAPU, he or she can use G-CASH to redeem up to 10% of the entire price of the item.

  2. Depending on the offer/scheme provided by GYAPU, the percentage of total G-CASH earned that can be redeemed to buy products may change in the future.

  3. G-CASH can’t be exchanged for cash. It can only be used to purchase items from the GYAPU online store.

  4. G-CASH can only be redeemed on the GYAPU APP, which will be available in a few weeks.

  5. For each registration, Gyapu uses a proper KYC process, and only confirmed users will be able to redeem their G-Cash.

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