Here is the list of top 5  medical apps in Nepal to provide you home based medical service. “ Health is wealth”. While taking care of everyone around us, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. You can now buy medical appliances and more health related products at the best price while staying home. These apps are very helpful, especially during the time of pandemic.



NepMeds is a fantastic digital medical service provider with a mobile app and a website that sells vital health care products in a variety of categories such as medicines, hand sanitizers, baby care products, masks, and more. Users may access laboratories, doctors, vaccination services, online health record storage, and advice on how to live a healthy and fit life with NepMeds.

This app has a recommendation and reward system to attract clients, which allows users to earn wallet balance by introducing the app to their friends. They accept payment with IMEPAY, Esewa, Fonepay, Khalti, and bank cards. If you pay with Khalti or Esewa, you can get a discount of up to 30%. NepMeds now only operates in Kathmandu and Chitwan, but they plan to extend to other major cities in Nepal in the near future.



Epharmacy includes a full choice of health and wellness products, vitamins, diet and fitness supplements, herbal items, baby and mother care products, and cosmetics. ePharmacy is a digital healthcare solution platform that services all medical, health care, and wellness requirements. It connects users with legitimate prescription drugs and other health-related products.

They’re located in Jhamsikhel and under the following conditions, purchased medicines/products can be returned within 15 days (medicines) or 3 days (other products):

The medications and products are in fine working order and after deducting any discounts received, the whole price will be returned.

They have created a unique COVID-19 category. You can also upload prescriptions, create packages, and schedule supply reminders to keep your health top of mind. They don’t have a minimum order and offer free delivery, however they only operate in Kathmandu right now.


hamro doctor

Hamro Doctor is a one-stop app that provides a wide range of medical assistance and information. They can choose from a range of categories to begin with the software. There are various hospitals in Nepal where you may check up contact information, doctors, wards, and other information, starting with the hospital tab, which is categorized alphabetically.

Moving on, they have an Ambulance tab that allows you to contact an ambulance from a variety of hospitals instantaneously. Similarly, you may quickly find the medicine connected with a certain health issue using the medicine tab, depending on the type of health concern. 

Then there’s the doctors tab, where you can look up doctors that specialize in various fields of medicine, as well as information about which hospital they work at. This app also includes doctor-written blog posts and live chat rooms where users may ask doctors questions about their health. The blood donor service is undoubtedly one of the nicest features of this program.


mero health care

Merohealthcare offers a diverse choice of pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter goods, and laboratory services. Medicines/Pharmacy retail, Health services, and Doctor consultation are among the services they provide. It aims to reach out to as many Nepalese households as possible, providing vital health services to their homes.

Prescription, non-prescription, and over-the-counter medicines, Ayurvedic medicines, individual and health care products, women’s health and hygiene items, baby products, men’s health and health care devices, medical tools are among the products available.

Every time a consumer puts an order, the “Merohealthcare” brand owned by Web Health Company Pvt. Ltd (“Merohealthcare”) team enables processing accurate medicines as per order and prescription and aims to serve the medicines and products in proper conditions/without any harm.


Jeeve app

Jeevee is an online medical service provider that functions similarly to a clinic. It may appear weird, but that is exactly how it works. You’ll be directed to the store as soon as you open the app or website, which contains a wide choice of health products ranging from pharmaceuticals to skincare.

This app’s “Namaste Doctor” function allows you to make an appointment with a doctor at your leisure. They have over 100 top-notch Nepalese doctors with whom you can visit about your health problems. Jeevee, which was launched in November 2019, has done an outstanding job of serving our medical needs in times of need.

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