We’ll look at why WhatsApp hasn’t included a screenshot detection tool for photographs and videos received in see once mode in this article. WhatsApp wants to keep you safe since there is something you don’t know!

This week, WhatsApp beta for Android unveiled a new feature called see once, which allows you to send photographs and videos that disappear after the recipient views them once. This capability is quite handy, however many users have complained that WhatsApp does not have a method in place to ban or warn users when the recipient takes a screenshot or video capture. WhatsApp made this decision in order to safeguard you! WhatsApp wants to make sure you use the function correctly to avoid any negative consequences, but first, let’s figure out what the true problem is.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways to get around screenshot detection, particularly on WhatsApp for Android: there are a number of apps that can trick the operating system into allowing them to take screenshots or record videos without providing any notifications. 

This is a particularly concerning circumstance because the sender will never realize that the recipient has taken a screenshot, leading him to believe that he is safe, but this is not the case. When an app ensures that screenshots are prevented or warned, the sender can send anything private, knowing that the media won’t be shared with others, but the recipient can take a photo with another phone.

WhatsApp may also begin to introduce many methods for detecting rogue apps, but this is a never-ending battle because new apps and methods are constantly being developed. It’s preferable to say “the recipient can snap a screenshot, but be careful,” rather than “screenshots are prohibited,” but that’s not the case. WhatsApp encourages you to be cautious about what you share using this function instead of implementing a screenshot detection feature. You might feel safe if they created a technique to identify screenshots, but as we have already stated, you are never safe.

Those who use the fingerprint sensor to lock and open WhatsApp will be unable to screenshot conversations. WhatsApp users, including those in the public beta, still don’t have access to biometric authentication. There is no word on whether or not this new version will include biometric authentication.Face ID/Touch ID recognition is already available in WhatsApp for iPhones. However, there is no limitation that prevents users from taking screenshots of WhatsApp conversations. We’ll find out once WhatsApp adds fingerprint recognition to Android.

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WhatsApp added support for the iPhone’s biometric solutions – Face ID and Touch ID – in February, allowing users to encrypt their chats. On iPhone 8 Plus and previous, users can unlock chats by hitting the Home button, or by positioning the iPhone X or later in front of their face. Previously, users had to rely on third-party apps in addition to the phone’s built-in app lock capability.

Because fingerprint sensors are increasingly being placed beneath displays, WhatsApp’s fingerprint authentication will also function with them. Many apps, such as those provided by banks, now include native fingerprint security functionality.

Sending photos and movies that aren’t important, so they’re removed right after they’re opened and don’t take up space, is a fantastic example of see once usage.

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