Worldlink’s has launched the elite and tech-savvy Photon series with Photon 300 Mbps in Nepal.

With Photon 300, WorldLink introduces the elite and tech-savvy Photon series, which provides an unrivaled experience of high-speed broadband internet up to 300 Mbps in all corners of your home.

This is made feasible by the clever installation of numerous routers in a Mesh Wi-Fi network, located in strategic locations across the house to provide seamless Wi-Fi internet coverage. Mesh Wi-Fi, unlike Wi-Fi extenders, allows customers to connect to a single Wi-Fi network that runs the length and breadth of the house without compromising internet speed or experience.




Months300 Mbps
With TV (3)Without TV
1 MonthRs. 2200Rs. 2100
3 MonthsRs. 6450Rs. 6150
12 MonthsRs. 22000Rs. 21000


One Time ChargeDual Band (ONU)Drop WireDeposit (ONU)Smart Installation
1 MonthRs. 2500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 3000
3 MonthsRs. 2000Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 3000
12 MonthsFreeFreeRs. 500Rs. 3000

Installation for Beacon 1.1 with  Mesh System

* For every Beacon 1.1Rental charge for each Beacon 1.1Deposit for each Beacon 1.1
1 MonthRs. 4000Rs. 2500
3 MonthsRs. 3000Rs. 2500
12 MonthsRs. 2000Rs. 2500

This pricing is for up to two Beacon 1.1 routers. The installation fees for the third and subsequent Beacon 1.1 routers would be Rs.8000 apiece.


One Time Charge for STBPrimary STBPrimary STB DepositSecondary STBSecondary STB Deposit
1 MonthRs. 3000Rs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500
3 MonthsRs. 2500Rs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500
12 MonthsFreeRs. 500Rs. 2000Rs. 500

Photon Smart Installations

WoldLink’s smart installation service ensures correct router placement for improved speed and Wi-Fi signal throughout the customer’s home. We deliver all of the necessary solutions right to the customer’s door.

They make certain of the following:

  • Proper router positioning/placement in accordance with the needs of the customer.
  • With various add-on routers, they ensure optimal speed and wireless coverage.
  • For routers, they provide suitable cabling and mounting.
  • Power sockets are installed with proper drilling and cabling by them.

Nokia Beacon 1.1 Complete Guide

In keeping with its image, the business has introduced an unexpected internet plan based on new Mesh WiFi technology. This ground-breaking service includes the Mesh WiFi system, which provides ultra-fast internet, consistency, and complete coverage anywhere you go.

Mesh Wi-Fi is designed to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and deliver consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home. In comparison to a Wi-Fi extender or a secondary router, it gives devices better speeds, more coverage, and a more dependable connection.

Mesh Wi-Fi is a network that uses a single Wi-Fi SSID and password, as opposed to a Wi-Fi extender, which requires the user to manually connect to numerous Wi-Fi networks.

Mesh WiFi is a smart installation solution that consists of numerous routers that are connected at strategic locations. The user does not need to change the WiFi username manually with this arrangement because the extenders take care of it. The great thing about a Mesh System is that you can move around your house without sacrificing WiFi performance.


  • Nokia mesh creates a continuous Wi-Fi network throughout the house.
  • High-speed coverage throughout your house (no dead spots*).
  • Low latency and high throughput
  • Video streaming in HD and 4K is supported.
  • A single network for the entire house.
  • Join the strongest Wi-Fi network.
  • The myWorldlink App can be used to administer this device.


Terms & Conditions:

  • The refundable deposit will be returned only if the router is returned in functioning order.
  • In Unlimited Plans, the Fair Usage Policy is in effect.
  • The above-mentioned blueprints are intended solely for home use and may not be resold or utilized for commercial purposes.
  • TSC is covered by the Internet Service Charge.
  • Vat is not included in the price.
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