Apple Watch ultra
Apple Watch ultra

Apple watch Ultra: Redefining wearable technology (Updated 2023)

In the realm of smartwatches, Apple has always been a pioneer, pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide its users with unparalleled experiences. With the latest addition to their lineup, the Apple Watch Ultra, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to excellence. This groundbreaking timepiece combines cutting-edge technology with a rugged design to cater to the needs of adventurers, athletes, and health enthusiasts alike.

Overview of Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra
Apple Watch Ultra

Case Made of Tough Titanium: Unmatched Durability

Apple Watch Ultra's flat Sapphire Crystal
Apple Watch Ultra’s flat Sapphire Crystal

The Apple Watch Ultra has a sturdy titanium case that guarantees its durability and improves its overall aesthetic appeal. Titanium is the perfect material for a watch designed to survive the rigors of an active lifestyle because of its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion. 

A flat sapphire crystal is included in the case, which not only improves its aesthetic appeal but also offers improved protection from edge impacts. The watch is made even more user-friendly by the clever design decision to enlarge the side button and Digital Crown, which allows for simple operation even when wearing gloves.

Most brilliant display yet: Constant brilliance

Always on display on Apple Watch Ultra
Always-on display on Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra’s eye-catching Always-On Retina display, which raises the bar for wristwatch brightness, is the centerpiece of the device. This display outshines its predecessors with a peak brightness of 2000 nits, making it exceptionally readable even in bright sunlight. The considerably expanded screen gives precise details that were previously unthinkable in addition to greater visibility of fitness metrics and watch faces. Rotating the Digital Crown on the Wayfinder face activates a special feature called Night Mode, which ensures the best vision in low light.

Action Button: Boosting Capability

The Action button, a physical function that offers a wide range of options, is a notable feature of the Apple Watch Ultra. This adaptable button can be used to start a variety of processes, such as initiating a dive or marking compass waypoints. It is an essential tool for traversing both the physical and digital worlds because of its boundless possibilities and users’ aspirations.

Unmatched Battery Life: Energizing Your Activities

Apple Watch Ultra's water resistance
Apple Watch Ultra’s water resistance

Battery life is a key consideration in the world of wearable electronics, especially for people who participate in strenuous physical activity or outdoor pursuits. 

With its longer battery life of 36 hours of normal use to 60 hours on low power settings, the Apple Watch Ultra allays this worry and makes sure you have enough juice to travel with you. You can be sure that your watch will keep up with your goals whether you’re exploring the outdoors, competing in a triathlon, or diving deep into the ocean.

Excellent Navigation with Precision

For those who use their smartwatches to explore unfamiliar territory, navigational precision is crucial. With the inclusion of L1 and L5 GPS frequencies, the Apple Watch Ultra improves this experience and offers unmatched accuracy, increased range, and low power usage. 

Users may calculate distances, paces, and routes with the utmost confidence thanks to this degree of precision. Additionally, the watch’s updated compass feature raises the bar for wrist-driven orienteering, making it an essential tool for outdoor lovers.

Sonic Rescue and Health Monitoring for Safety Amplified

The Apple Watch Ultra focuses on your safety and well-being in addition to quenching your hunger for adventure. Holding down the Action button activates the clever Sonic Rescue feature, which blasts a siren at an astonishing 86 decibels that may be heard up to 600 feet (180 meters) away. Help is always nearby thanks to this life-saving feature, which makes it an indispensable travel companion for lone expeditions.

However, the Apple Watch Ultra goes beyond basic physical security by including a number of health-related capabilities that enable users to take control of their well-being. This watch offers priceless insights into your body’s rhythms, from temperature tracking to sleep monitoring

The state-of-the-art temperature sensor is particularly interesting since it provides cycle tracking and information on women’s health. The sleep monitoring function gives you a thorough overview of your nighttime rest by segmenting your sleep patterns into various stages. The ECG app also has the ability to record heartbeats and rhythms, which can be used to track down anomalies like atrial fibrillation.

Apple Watch Ultra Specification

  • Display
  • 2000 nits
  • Size
  • 49mm titanium case
  • Battery
  • Up to 36hrs of normal use
  • Up to 60hrs on low power settings
  • GPS
Integrated  L1 and L5 GPS
  • Water resistance
  • 40 meters.
  • EN13319 certified
  • Temperature resistance
  • -20° C to 55° C
  • Tested to MIL-STD 810H
Dust resistance
  • IP6X dust resistance

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Price of Apple Watch Ultra in Nepal

Apple Watch Ultra – Rs. 148,000


What is the difference between Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged and capable Apple Watch yet, designed for extreme activities like hiking, camping, and diving. It has a larger, more durable display, longer battery life, and a titanium case. The Apple Watch Series 8 is a more general-purpose smartwatch that is still water-resistant and has many of the same health and fitness features as the Apple Watch Ultra.

How long does the battery last on the Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra has a battery life of up to 36 hours, which is significantly longer than the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra water-resistant?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming, showering, and even scuba diving.

Does the Apple Watch Ultra have a compass?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra has a redesigned compass that is more accurate and reliable than the compass on previous Apple Watch models.

Can I use the Apple Watch Ultra to make phone calls?

Yes, you can use the Apple Watch Ultra to make and receive phone calls if it is paired with an iPhone.

Can I use the Apple Watch Ultra to track my sleep?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra can track your sleep and provide you with insights into your sleep quality.

Can I use the Apple Watch Ultra to take ECG readings?

Yes, the Apple Watch Ultra has an ECG app that can take ECG readings to check for irregular heart rhythms.

How much does the Apple Watch Ultra cost in Nepal?

The Apple Watch Ultra starts at Rs.1,48,000.
rice of Apple Watch Ultra in Nepal: Rs. 1,48,000


The Apple Watch Ultra is more than a smartwatch; it’s a testament to innovation, resilience, and care for its users. With its rugged titanium build, unparalleled display brightness, versatile functionality, extended battery life, and a suite of health-focused features, it stands as the ultimate companion for those who refuse to be confined by limits. Whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, a dedicated athlete, or someone focused on holistic health, the Apple Watch Ultra is poised to elevate your experiences and empower you to achieve new heights.

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