Did you Know? Google One Introduces New 5TB Storage Plan

On the Google One app, Google has discreetly added a new 5TB cloud storage option. After withdrawing free Google Photos storage earlier this year, the tech giant has been urging customers to subscribe to One. All data stored in Google services, such as Gmail/emails, Google Photos photos and videos, and Google Drive files, is stored as cloud storage with a restriction.

Google provides up to 15GB of free cloud storage; however, customers must purchase a plan with a monthly/yearly subscription to ensure their data is backed up online.


The new 5TB storage option falls somewhere between the current 2TB and 10TB storage tiers. The former costs $9.99 for thirty days, while the latter costs $49.99 for thirty days. After Google Photos’ unlimited storage option was withdrawn earlier this year, the new plan was introduced. Google now offers up to 15GB of free storage, which can be used across Gmail, Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets, and other Google products.

According to 9to5Google, the new 5TB storage package has been quietly offered for Google One members. The new 5TB storage package costs $24.99 every thirty days (approximately Rs. 1,840). Customers can also purchase the storage plan on a yearly basis for $249.99 (approximately Rs. 18,414), which represents a savings of 17 percent. As previously said, the brand new plan was purportedly introduced to fill the gap between Google’s 2TB and 10TB storage plans.

According to reports, the new 5TB package offers the same benefits as Google One’s 2TB storage option. According to an image published by the outlet, features include access to Google experts, the option to add family, additional member benefits, 10% back on Google Store purchases, and a VPN for Android smartphones. It’s unclear when the option was added, but it appears to be a fairly new plan on the market. It’s unclear which parts of the city will get the new storage plans.

Users interested in upgrading to the new 5TB storage options should visit the Google One storage website for further information.

Users can choose between the free 15GB storage option and the premium options for the time being. The Basic 100GB storage plan, at Rs. 130 per thirty days or Rs. 1,300 per year, is one of the paid options. Then there’s the Standard 200GB storage plan, which costs Rs. 210 per month or Rs. 2,100 per year. Last but not least, there’s the Premium 2TB storage option, which costs Rs. 650 per month or Rs. 6,500 per month. All three options feature access to Google experts, the option to add family members, and other member benefits.

Google Photos storage

Along with the significantly more affordable storage given by the new tier, users will also gain access to a number of benefits formerly reserved for the 10TB option. Access to Android VPN, speedier Google assistance, and a 10% credit on Google Store purchases are all included.

Family sharing will soon be accessible, allowing you to invite others to share your storage with you.

Google users may still get 15GB of storage for free, with low-cost alternatives of 100GB for $1.99 per month and 200GB for $2.99 per month also available.

The move comes after Google ended free unlimited storage on its Google Photos service, which was widely panned by customers around the world.

Users could no longer enjoy unrestricted storage for compressed photos as a result of the shift, and many were compelled to either start paying for a Google One plan or trim their Photos library.Check out our guide to Google Photos storage for more information on your options and further recommendations.

This new tier should be welcome news to individuals who felt constrained by Google’s decision to discontinue compressed photo storage on its service. According to our estimates, 2TB of storage should be enough to keep well over half a million photographs, ensuring that you never run out of room.

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