Hero 9 Black a latest addition to line up of Hero cameras from GoPro

GoPro Hero 9 Features & Price in Nepal

GoPro has come a long way with its feature packed action cameras. Hero 9 is the latest to its addition. Hero 9 is the successor to the hero 8. It has got additional features like 5k video resolution, better image stabilization and more. Though till today every hero camera looks alike but this has got a different hardware update in it, that is forward facing color LCD screen :

Camera  Gopro Hero 9 
Model  Black
Sensor CMOS Sensor, 1/2.3 inch, 20MP Res
Weight 158 g
Video Resolution  HEVC – 5120 x 2880 p – 24 – 30 fps, 3840 x 2160 p – 24 – 60 fps,

4096 x 3072 p – 24 – 30 fps, 2704 x 1520 p – 50 – 120 fps, 2704 x 2028 p – 50 – 60 fps,

1920 x 1440 p – 24 – 120 fps, 1920 x 1080 p – 200 – 240 fps, 1920 x 1080 p – 24 – 120 fps

FPS 2160p Frame rate : 601080p Frame rate : 24, 25, 30, 60720p Frame rate : 24, 25, 30, 60
Battery  1720 mAh,  
Connectivity  Wifi, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB-C
Modes Touch Focus, Hdr Shooting Mode, Drive Mode

Burst Mode

Storage SD, SDHC, SDXC
Other Features Water, Dust, Shock Prof, Microphone, Image Stabilization (Hypersmooth), Handsight,

Schedule Capture

Price in Nepal NRs 65,500/-

Here are some of the other exciting feature of Hero 9 

New Sensor 

CMOS sensor of Hero 9 Black can capture up to 5K.

So the most upgraded feature in hero 9 black from hero 8 is its sensor. This CMOS sensor can record up to 5K video resolution at 30 frames per second bringing that to 4k you can get 60 FPS. You can get more detailed video with 5K res but you are sacrificing more fps for the details. 

With 5k resolution and hypersmooth abilities we can get some crispier shots and with its new horizon leveling feature, you can nail your frame every time. Though we may not have access to 4k monitors and TV right now, what you can do is downscale the video to 1080p which gives you more pixel size, thus more details and sharper video’s. 

Battery Life

Significant increase in battery size.

In the press event, GoPro spent significant time talking about its battery life. Battery has the capacity of 1720 mAh now which was 1220 mAh in Hero 8. GoPro claims to have a 30% more battery life and much longer recording time with this new battery pack. Unfortunately you cannot use your old GoPro’s battery in Hero 9 cause it’s a bit bigger in size. With bigger battery people will not have to complain about the recording time which was really an issue in previous GoPro cameras. 


GoPro Hero 9 black is physically different from its predecessor. With the addition of a front facing color LCD screen, people really can use it for a vlogging camera with perfect framing in the face. And couple of upgraded features really differentiate Hero 9 from previous Hero cameras


This is a small but significant update in Hero 9. What this feature does is it records 15-30 sec of video prior to pressing the record button. This feature enables you to capture an important, never to miss moment without consuming your SD card storage. 

Schedule Capture

Latest features addition is “Schedule Capture” which enables you to schedule the recording time so that  you can be in bed while GoPro records the sunrise or some important cosmic or any other event for you. Situational but handy feature. 

Time Warp 3.0 

We all know how GoPro changed the stabilization tech with the time warp feature in Hero 7. So these features just got better and better. With “Time Warp 3.0” you can capture some buttery smooth hyperlapse video. With 3.0 you can even slow down your hyperlapse footage and record audio, Cool right. 


When it comes to accessories anything that fit in previous hero cameras will fit in Hero 9 as well, but there is one special feature which is really interesting in this new camera, Max Lens Mode. You can actually swap your lens. Like many DSLR and mirrorless cameras, you can just take out the attached lens which comes default with Hero 9 and swap it with another lens which can give you angle of view up to 155- degree with horizon lock system, the feature which only 360 cameras offer. 

Carried Features

Other features like waterproofing up to 33ft/10m, Superphoto, Live burst ( Short videos around the still image) are carried from Hero 8.  


I really think Hero 9 black is a solid upgrade to Hero 8 or Hero 7 black with a new sensor and major feature upgrade. You can really have a different experience with this camera. GoPro Hero 9 will cost you Nrs 65,500 in Nepal. A bit expensive but worth the money, personally for me. 

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