Will your PC support windows 11 ?

So with the new edition of Windows OS coming out soon, Windows 11 everyone is excited whether their PC will support Win 11 or not. According to Microsoft, PCs older than 4 years old sadly wouldn’t support Windows 11. This has left consumers infuriating.

Microsoft has updated its PC Health app to enable the compatibility test of Windows 11 in your device.

According to Microsoft, Intel Core products start to run Windows 11 from the i3- 8200 processor which arrived in late 2017 and for AMD Ryzen 2000 is base series to start supporting Windows 11 which arrived in 2018. 

Surprisingly my laptop, which is Lenovo Y520 with i7 processor, failed its compatibility test. Not just that but many powerful machines which are old but can handle most of the heavy tasks failed in the compatibility test. 

In Thursday’s big reveal day there weren’t any clear statements on whether these requirements are for upcoming devices or old devices too, which leaves us hope old machines can carry on  with Windows 11.

Microsoft tends to provide Windows 11 free to the existing Windows 10 consumers in a couple of months. 

Read more about the Windows 11 here.

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